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It took me a while to figure out exactly how I would write this part of the site being that this is where I would declare my identity. 

That being said, I think identity is something that evolves over time based on the several life experiences and knowledge we gain throughout life.

At my current state, using nouns, I would describe myself as a:

  • Humanitarian
  • Entrepreneur
  • Writer
  • Marketer
  • Mother
  • Wife


Merriam-Webster defines humanitarian as “a person who works to improve the lives and living conditions of other people.” Since I was a child, I developed an empathetic view of life where I look at scenarios and situations from all different perspective and not just through my own eyes.

I am no where near the level of being a humanitarian like Mother Teresa, however, I believe I strive to make people’s lives’ better by simply connecting with them and figuring out who they truly are as individuals.

I am excited by people who truly live a life as their truest self and I encourage those around me to find that within themselves, explore it and live by it – in all aspects of life including their entrepreneurial endeavors.


I’ve had a hard time truly declaring myself as an “entrepreneur,” mainly because of Imposter Syndrome, but I’ve reached a point where I believe this is what I truly am. I started off as having a few Internet marketing clients here and there, building a website from time to time, doing some social media. But, when I became a new mom, I needed to find a creative way of making an income in a way that allowed me the flexibility to spend as much time as I wanted with my newborn.

When my little one was only a few months old, him and I (because he is my silent hype man whether he knows it or not haha), launched our first online store targetting new moms and babies just like us. Once I realized I could actually make money off of this and it felt like a success and it was actually fun to do, I really felt I was finally an entrepreneur.

In 2019, I have more solid business goals now that am truly invested in living life as an entrepreneur. I am working hard to align my business goals with who I am as a person overall so that I can feel my work is as fulfilling as spending time with my little one.


Ever since I can remember, I have always been able to better communicate via my writing. When I was a kid and I couldn’t get the words out to apologize to my parents for something I did wrong, I would write them a letter instead.

In 5th grade, I began to share my writing more often and was published in my elementary school’s yearly creative arts publication. The poem I wrote was called “Life Never Ends” and described how although our loved ones may leave us physically, their energy, their love and the memories will always be with us. As most kids who write, I also wrote in a journal frequently.

As I got older, I would write poems here and there whenever I was naturally inspired. As most artists you talk to will say, your best work comes from some of the toughest times in your life. For me, this was post-college. After college, I did some heavy reflecting on my identity, my values and my dreams and goals. From this came, multiple poems and narratives that I have yet to share completely.


If you’re not bored yet, let me tell you about my professional life. I attended Winthrop University and graduated in 2012 with a degree in Digital Marketing. That means I am a marketing professional who not only can build a website, but can figure out how to get people to actually give a damn 🙂

I have been working in this field ever since and I hope my experience as a an Internet marketing professional will only help me make this blog more interesting to you all.

I also see this blog further helping me as a marketer because marketing is all about understanding the end consumer which is people.


My little one arrived in the world in November of 2017. Pregnancy and knowing I am responsible for another human life has definitely changed my perspective on certain aspects of life.

Overall, I think motherhood has allowed me to grow further as an individual and has given me yet another type of motivation to continue to progress and become a better version of myself in both business and my personal life. You can read more here.


This can be a story and a page all on its own, but I’ll try to keep the story to a minimum here.

In July 2016, I went on a family vacation with my parents, grandmother, aunts and uncles to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I was the youngest person on the trip because neither my brother or my cousins could make the trip.

I expected to spend most of my time there with my family enjoying the resort and had no thought of anything else really.

Little did I  know that this would not be the case at all.

My now husband worked at a bar that was attached to our resort that we casually visited one night. We met, spent hours at a time simply talking and getting to know each other and the rest is history.

We got married on February 18, 2017 in his hometown of Jarabacoa in a small, intimate wedding with some of his family members and mine.

We worked  through the US immigration process so that he was able to travel here and start a life here with me. In June 2018, he arrived the US and has been adapting to live here with me and our son. This experience has had its own obstacles for myself, him and our lives, so you may hear about this from time to time.

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