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Personal Recap: Year 27

Year 27. Wow. I turned 28 yesterday so I wanted to take some time to truly reflect on everything year 27 was for me…and I mean EVERY THING. Becoming a Wife 8 days after my 27th birthday, I made the decision to share my life with another human being.   As a kid, marriage seemed like the “normal” thing to do when you grow up, but as I aged and got to know myself and learned to love every bit of myself including every flaw, marriage seemed like a more and more distant thing. Not because I didn’t think...

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4 Reasons Why Amara La Negra is Important for Afro-Latinx

By now, most of you have probably seen at least one or hundreds of pictures on your Instagram feed of the beautiful and glamorous melanin Queen – Amara La Negra, one of the stars of the new Love and Hip Hop: Miami. Amara La Negra is no stranger to the entertainment industry – she has already been successful with her music in the Latin American market for several years, not to mention she was on one of Univision’s longest running shows, Sabado Gigante, for several years as a child star. Amara La Negra born a star ⭐️ performing on...

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My Miscarriage Experience – #BreaktheSilence & National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

As I began to brainstorm in my head how I would write this second blog post, I slowly realized that like most bad memories, I subconsciously repressed some of the details of this experience. My memory is usually very strong when it comes to remembering exact dates, but I could not remember the exact dates of when I experienced my first miscarriage. I knew it was in January of this year, but I had to look back to text messages to close friends to remember the exact date. Saturday, January 7th, 2017 As I pulled the screenshots of the...

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A Guide to Understanding Gender Identity

I was debating as to what topic relating to identity to begin my blog with, but in lieu of recent events and the wave of opinions on social media, I find it extremely important for people who are misinformed on gender identity to gain a better understanding on gender identity and the transgender community. The Difference Between Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity People often lump sexual orientation and gender identity as one thing or the same thing. However, these are two very distinct components of self-identity. Sexual Orientation Sexual orientation relates to who you are attracted to romantically, sexually/physically...

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